Monday, May 30, 2011

eFoods Global

eFoods Global is a premier food reserves company in Sandy, Utah. Our primary objective of "serve, save, share" is simple. SERVE eFoods' great products to friends and family, SAVE for the future and times of necessity, and SHARE with others through and Act of Kindness (AoK) to help them prepare.
Unlike other companies offering food storage that you put away for decades and never use, eFoods Global offers delicious food packaged in ways that is as practical to serve tonight as it is to save for years. This food is AWESOME! The texture is amazing and the flavor is out of this world! This is serious gourmet food, only for long term and short term reserves.
The objective of this campaign is to get people to take the "FOOD FREEDOM TOUR" by going to We want new prospects to try our food for FREE after watching a few short videos on why we should ALL be prepared with food storage for our families.

I wish I could be better with Food Storage! I'm going on the tour now! Sounds like it's really simple to prepare too. To me some food storage sounds too difficult which makes me nervous about being able to do it.

Wow this sounds awesome especially for Moms with New babies! It would be great for moms overall especially when you have sick kids. Hey both apply to me this past month! It would really be great to have these on hand also to help friends or family who are sick and have new babies. Sometimes you need something in a pinch to bring over to someone.

Read more about them over here at Once Upon a Penguin, Avery Good Life,  The Post-It Place, and Momma D Jane

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